Living things of Utopia, made from the “bones of the Earth”

The white clay you can see here can only be found at the base of Mt. Fuji, where the natural stones and water that gave birth to it originate. When I first saw the white clay, the thought flashed into my mind that these were the bones of the Earth.

The shape of nature always impress me so much due to their beauty. I can find it especially in a bones of animals. It reminds me of the great cosmic power.

So I want to make my original bones of the creature in the Utopia with advanced civilization with this white clay. I think the creature’s body is made of many unique materials like flesh, machines and even clothes. It is a hybrid, so we can’t divide into skin, bones and muscles like humans. It just “bone”.

This is what I intend to make from these bones of the Earth.



Born in Tokyo in 1977. Spend puberty in Brazil.

Based on my own adult children’s experience, produced works based on spiritual world and science and presented works internally and externally.

A solid piece of artworks made of plaster clay or old cloth as materials. Since 2017 also express by virtual reality.

Sometimes dressing up as ancient characters as a costume project that wears what made myself .

2017年10月Art Expo Malaysia9参加(マレーシア−MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre)
2015年 4月YOUNG ART TAIPEI 参加(台北−Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel)
2015年 3月NEW CITY ART FAIR参加(ニューヨーク−hpgrp gallery New York)
2014年12月グループ展『BOX OPERA』(東京−スペースユイ)
2014年5月二人展『脱力』(神奈川−YUI GARDEN)
2013年11月個展『零度の惑星G』 (東京−スペースユイ)
2013年8月グループ展『Flower Drops exhibition Vol.2』 参加 (東京−スペースユイ)
2013年4月『アート蚤の市』参加 (東京−テレビ朝日umu)
2013年2月グループ展『SCIENCE AND PRAYING-装身具展』参加 (東京−スペースユイ)
2011年6月グループ展『Flower Drops exhibition Vol.1』参加 (東京−スペースユイ)
2008年12月初個展『SHOW TIME』(東京−ギャラリーハウスマヤ)
2015年IMA展 会友優秀賞
2014年IMA展 外務大臣賞

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