I am doing expressive activities to create the opportunity to be able to enjoy life freely by unleashing the hearts of people bound by the chains of the mind.

For a long time, I suffered from suicidal impulses of “adult children” and ADHD.

Previously, I was producing art work as a means to sublimate that suffering, but I realized that I passed through a dark tunnel recently, so we are doing expressive activities by all means to empower & inspire people with excitement and pleasure.

I am working on making 3D projects and artistic costume projects to wear, using VR, and disseminating information through blogs.

Satoru Yamagata



An artist.

I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977.
Graduated from Musashino Art University with a degree in visual communication design.
I spend teen years in Brazil.

Based on the theme of "Release of heart", I produced three-dimensional art costumes by using VR, and presented works in and outside of Japan.

In 2014, I received IMA Foreign Minister's Award.
2019.9「BIT VALLEY 2019」にてKESHINワークショップ(渋谷ヒカリエ)
2019.9「AIが神になった世界」イベントにて、「宇宙の弥勒菩薩」展示(SHIBUYA STREAM)
2017. 10Art Expo Malaysia9参加(マレーシア−MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre)
2017. 8VR作品を『STYLY』ローンチに合わせ発表(オンライン)
2016. 10店内にてミニ個展とワークショップ(東京—インテリアショップ「Boprojects」)
2015. 4YOUNG ART TAIPEI 参加(台北−Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel)
2015. 3NEW CITY ART FAIR参加(ニューヨーク−hpgrp gallery New York)
2014. 12公募展「IMA展」(東京−東京都美術館)
2013. 11個展『零度の惑星G』(東京−スペースユイ)
2008. 12初個展『SHOW TIME』(東京−ギャラリーハウスマヤ)

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